Salsa Brisa organises another spectacular Euro Gala Salsa Bachata Kizomba Gala with a dazzling international line-up. We even bring the Bachata World Champions Andrea & Veronica from Italy!

It’s an amazing edition with all dance styles united.

Early bird tickets available. So:

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➤8 workshops
➤amazing shows
➤area 1: salsa
➤area 2: bachata
➤area 3: kizomba

☆☆Our amazing artists:
★Andrea y Veronica (IT) Bachata World Champion
Andrea y Veronica (IT) BachataWorld champion

★Ricco Chegue & Antonella La Luna (BE)
Ricco Chegue Antonella

★James & Ryanda (NL)
James & Ryanda (NL)

★Ekue & Caroline (BE)
Ekue & Caroline (BE)

★Salsa Brisa (NL)
Salsa Brisa (NL)

★Turbo & Judith (BE)
Turbo & Judith (BE)

★Semiya (BE)
Semiya (BE)